What about earth? Une étudiante algérienne de 15 ans écrit en anglais sur le covid19

Une étudiante algérienne écrit en anglais sur le covid19 en introduisant le conflit de l'homme avec la nature .

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Author: Lyna Belferd  /Learn IN student.

In the vaste space that got no limits -as some are saying- is a galaxy, that galaxy got lot of things. We do knowledge some as well as we ignore the existence of others. One of the things we do know about is the solar system, that solar system got planets and that’s where we are about to go « earth » is where we belong, earth is where our beloved ones are. Earth is also being threatened by us « humans » from ages it suffers from us, none of us did think about it as an active land that we are destroying everyday that some of us works, every boat we do make and every technology that could benefits us but destroy earth with time, none did think about the consequences that could acquire for us if this planet is gone, some of the astrophysicist did think about an ability to live in another planet, an ability that I do not believe in, but even if we did destroy this planet that helped us get what we need, that welcomed us, is it cool to exchange all that good it does to us with so much hate and evilness? And if that theory is right, will we redestroy the other planet that will welcome us ? and research for another planet again? Is it human nature to be evil? Anyway it’s too late for asking questions, isn’t it?  Nature is getting revenge to earth from us, one of the seven deadly members of the family of the 2 viruses that touched us before the SARS and the MERS  back in 2002 and in 2012 is touching today but it is way more dangerous than both, thousands are dying everyday in each country that is contaminated none did discover its cure or even created a vaccin to provide ourselves from it, so basically we are all in danger. Who knows what is waiting for us? Everyone is freaking out and are scared for theirselves. Lot of countries are in lockdown if not all, so people can be protected as a 15% at least. The streets are empty and clean the air is not being polluted nor the seas during this period, it certainly a harsh one for us but it is a cure for the earth that has been suffering all along the years that passed. Some of us are taking the lockdown as a joke and are not conscious of the real state we are in, most of us are loosing their beloved ones  and can’t have any contact with them in order to protect them and theirselves, others are running out of money so they really are overthinking about how they will feed theirselves and their families if the lockdown stays for more time , all of this is not a joke people’s feelings are bad some got anxiety depression and even more. It is fine to feel weak sometimes, it is human nature after all, but this situation is not to play with. It is lockdown and quarantine not a break nor a holiday. People should know that maybe human creature is threatened to disappear If all this keep on going. Now that we’re threatened, is it bad ? Are we feeling the feeling that earth might have felt if it had a heart? All this years threatening it, today we are the ones who are being threatened, we thought of destroying it, moving from it and getting rid of it. Well enjoy, now we are the ones who are gotten rid of.

Author: Lyna Belferd: Learn IN student.

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